Mildly curried rice with fish, vegetables and mango chutney.
Roasted cod with a herb and tomat crust. With tomato & basil sauce, vegetables and potatoes.
Roasted topside of beef, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and potatoes.
Mediteranean feta salad with olives tomato and balsamic dressing. 
Black pudding baked with apple and cheddar
Mushrooms in a cream and herb sauce in a pastry basket
House pate with Cumberland sauce and toast
Fish & butter sauce in a pastry basket
Piquantly spicedOriental fish quenelles, salad and sweet chilli sauce.
Grilled rib eye steak beef with peppercorn sauce, vegetables and potatoes.
Salmon with hollandaise sauce, vegetables and potatoes.
Mediterranean style balsamic roasted vegetables with olive oil, garlic, herbs and tomato. Bouillon braised rice, bread and tomato & basil sauce.
Prepared with mango, lentils, almonds and coriander. Rice, chutney and naan bread.
Moroccan vegetables and cous cous
Chicken supreme, mushrooms, Madeira jus, vegetables and potatoes.
Roasted pork loin with honey. Vegetables and potatoes.
Roasted lamb, minted red currant jus, vegetables and potatoes.
Boeuf Bourguignon, rice and vegetables.
Moroccan lamb & vegetables fruit & nut cous cous
Large Roast persian vegetables with boullion braised rice, piquant tomato sauce and flat bread. ( Example picture of dish for 1 person. Vegetables ...
Selection of balsamic vegetables roasted with olive oil, herbs and tomato. Bouillon braised rice and tomato & basil sauce .
Large Cod roast with an herb & tomato crust, tomato & basil sauce. With vegetables and potatoes. (Example picture is 1 portion)
Salmon fillet roasted with herb butter, hollandaise sauce, vegetables and potatoes.(Example picture is 1 portion)
Roasted topside of beef, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, daily changing vegetables and potatoes.
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