Morning Coffee




Morning coffee served from 10.00 to 12.00 hrs.
We do require a minimum of 15 guests.
Full payment is required at the time of reservation as all items are prepared from fresh.
We only take a limited amount of reservations so as to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere
so that you may meet old friends and natter the he morning away in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

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“Schoolhouse Coffee” £ 18.50 per person

A pot of tea or freshly brewed filter coffee or hot chocolate
served with a selection of biscuits, fruit cake and
assorted finger sandwiches.


Hotel and restaurant  in Swindon  and Wootton Bassett

Extra Coffee, Tea and cold drinks.

Espresso       £ 4.50
Cappucino    £ 4.50
Americano    £ 4.50
Flat white      £ 4.50
Latte              £ 4.50
Decaf coffee  £ 4.50
Chocolate       £ 4.50
Tea                  £  4.50

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