Hotel and restaurant Swindon Royal Wootton Bassett
Restaurant & Hotel Services and Terms

We enjoy and make a living from providing food, drink and accommodation. For the avoidance of doubt we kept the information simple, clear and precisely indicate our limitations. Rest assured that we want you to enjoy our food and wine during your stay.

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Rooms are available for sleeping accommodation for the registered guest only on a nightly basis only. Rooms cannot be used for storage, temporary office, postal address, interview location, meetings or any business purpose other than overnight accommodation. Storage of tools, large sporting equipment, road bicycles and animals of any kind are not allowed and when brought into our rooms without the hotel's express permission a charge @ £ 150.00 is made in each instance to cover wear and tear, disinfecting and possible damage.

Please use guest Wi-Fi available in our bedrooms or ask.

Room service breakfast is prepared to order from 0730 hrs to 09.00 hrs  Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
and 0800 hrs to 09.30 hrs Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
All room rates include room service breakfast unless specifically excluded.
Please place your order in reception or by phone 01793 849481.

Guests may check in from 16.00 hrs until 21.00 hrs. with the  credit or debit card with which the reservation was made to be present for verification.
All cards will be authorised for a guarantee of £150.00 in addition to the cost of the reservation.
If the card used to pay for the reservation has insufficient funds to cover such guarantee an alternative card is required.
All charges incurred will charged on a daily basis. 

When the credit or debit card with which the hotel reservation was made is not present  we are unable to offer accommodation and in case payment has been received cancellation charges are applied. In exceptional circumstances we may accommodate guests with a 3rd party payment but this is subject to a credit check @ £ 10 and must be arranged prior to arrival of the guests and can only be arranged during normal working hours  Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

Reception closes at 21.00 hrs. Cancellation will be applied if guests do not arrive by 21.00 hrs.
Repeat or regular guests may be allowed to "self-check-in" but this is only possible by prior arrangement and where the guest is known to us and valid current credentials are supplied.

Subject to staff availability we may accommodate late arrival by prior arrangement between 21.00 hrs. and 24.00 hrs. at an additional prepaid charge of £ 47.50 per room per reservation. Reservations with prepaid late arrival not taken up by 24.00 hrs. are deemed as cancelled and cancellation charges are applied.

Sometimes rooms may be available earlier than 17.00 hrs. but this is not guaranteed. Call on the day well ahead of time of arrival. Guests may guarantee early check-in at a cost of £ 47.50 for arrival
from 11.00 hrs.

Rooms must be vacated before 10.00 hours on the day of departure. Should you leave your room later than 10.00 hrs. without prior arrangement then we may have to charge for an additional night's stay.  Late departure can be accommodated by prior arrangement; departure between 10.00 and 15.00 hrs £ 47.50 per room per reservation. Departure after 15.00 hrs will incur a charge equal to a night's room rate as valid on the day. Receipted invoices will be emailed to you to the email address that you submitted upon reservation and/or arrival.

We welcome children of any age and accompnied by legal guardians. Whilst we enjoy the company of children and make them as welcome as possible we do not provide spcific children's facilities.
Children must at all times be accompanied by leagal guardians whilst in the hotel.

We do not allow dogs or other animals on our premises.

If repairs are required to rooms or hotel premises after occupancy by guests we will charge for the cost of repair, replacement and if applicable room charges for the duration that the repairs take. Accidents do happen so please inform us so that we may mitigate costs. Any damage to our premises or content caused by guests may be charged to the guest's credit or debit card or the credit or debit card submitted by a third party as agreed with us.

A la carte dinner may be available from 17.00 hrs. until approximately 19.45 hrs. Reservations at least 48 hrs prior are required to avoid disappointment. A simple menu is served to hotel resident only all week in our foyer or as room service. No reservation is required. 

Drinks are served as room service, at your table or in the foyer. We do not allow guests to bring onto our premises and consume
their own beverages and foods purchased elsewhere. A service charge @ £ 12.50 per person per instance is made for each instance where
guests ignore these terms to compensate us for loss of earnings, additional cleaning and disposal.

The electrical supply is 240 volts. The bathroom socket contains an outlet for shavers or tooth brushes with a converter to 115 volts. This must be used for these types of appliances only! If you require help with electrical equipment, please ask. Please note that certain chargers for battery operated equipment and certain other electrical appliances may cause the safety devices of our electrical system to disconnect electricity to your floor. The hotel reserves the right to remove from your room electrical equipment which is not "PAT" tested as well as dangerous or unsuitable equipment which may cause nuisance or affect our safety and security devices. See also lithium batteries and chargers.

All our facilities are supplied fit for purpose, clean and in working order. Where facilities are not fit for purpose, clean or in working order guests must advise us within 30 minutes of accepting our facilities so that we may make adjustments or provide an alternative. 
Any claims of facilities not being fit for purpose after 30 minutes of occupation or at departure are not accepted. External services such as Wi-Fi, TV signal and utilities such as water electricity and gas are subject to being available by external suppliers and cannot be guaranteed unless our facilities have failed whilst external supplies are available. We will where possible do our utmost to ensure your comfort.

Please read the emergency instructions located on the back of your bedroom door. Dial 999 in the event of a fire.

You will find a hair dryer in your room.

A central heating radiator and an electric radiator is provided in your room. Note that they are thermostatically controlled, which means that only one appliance works at any one time. Central heating is only operational in the winter. Electric heaters work all year. Please think of our planet! Switch lights and heating off.

The hotel is obliged under current legislation to provide relevant authorities with relevant data where it is suspected or can be proven that illegal downloads were made with the use of our Wi-Fi connection. Data relating to internet usage is kept by our internet suppliers or ourselves and will only be used to determine whether illegal downloads were made using our Wi-Fi. 

Lithium batteries and any other kind of batteries as well as battery chargers are specifically regarded as dangereous equipment. They pose a serious fire risk for which the hotel
has no suitable fire fighting method. Any kind of battery or charger must not be brought onto the hotel premises at anyone time. When they are found they will be removed  at the
owner's risk to a location where they do not pose risk to the hotel or occupants.  

We cannot receive or accept any deliveries on behalf of guests. 
Messages and post will be kept for collection at reception. Any deliveries for guests will be received on guest's behalf without any responsibility being taken for its contents, loss or damage. We will take the utmost care of your belongings as far as is reasonably possible.

We ask all customers to park close to another car after dropping passengers or luggage. For each hotel reservation there is one free private car parking space per 24 hrs. for the duration of the reservation only. This car parking space can only be allocated by staff. Parking outside allocated parking space, extra private cars and all commercial vehicles up to 3.5-ton MAM are charged £ 15.00 per 24 hrs. or part thereof for the duration of the reservation only. Vehicles more than 3.5-ton GVW may not use our car park. Anyone doing so without our agreement is charged £ 15.00 per ton of the vehicle's GVW to allow us to effect repairs. Cars in our car park are parked at customers own risk.

Please park close to another vehicle. Consider sharing vehicles when visiting the Schoolhouse Hotel. Hook Street has a 30 Mph speed limit so you can park on the road when the car park is full. Cars in our car park are parked at customers own risk and must be removed on departure.

Property left behind can be sent to your chosen address @ £ 12.50 plus postage charges. In the interest of your privacy we will not contact you. Left behind items are disposed of within 1 week.

Charge per item £ 5.00 each way. Subject to availability of staff.

Normally staff are available to clean rooms from 0900 to 11.00 hours. Should you require your room to be cleaned after
11.00 hours please note that additional charges apply.
All rooms are supplied fresh and clean on arrival. Where excessive cleaning is required additional charges will be applied on departure.

In the interest of safety and security all our public areas and grounds are continuously monitored by cameras for your security. Images and recordings are used for training purposes, verification of charges incurred and if required as proof in the event of dispute or unacceptable behaviour. Images and recordings are destroyed at regular intervals unless disputes or unacceptable behaviour have taken place.

Smoking is not allowed inside or outside our premises other than in the dedicated smoking area at the
west side of the building. Customers smoking in our bedrooms are charged £ 142.00 plus one day's room rate to pay for the dry cleaning of all soft furnishings in the room and the room rate for the duration of effecting said cleaning.

Please write your mobile telephone number on your registration form if you wish us to contact you in your room during your stay. 

A television/radio/digital receiver is available in your room. Please use with care and think of your neighbors. We are in an overlapping area of transmitters which means that the signal received varies and some channels may from time to time not be received. The TV signal is subject to availability by outside suppliers.

We are unable to accept any responsibility for valuables left unattended in bedrooms or public areas of the hotel.

Wireless internet or "Wi-Fi" is available at no charge during a hotel reservation only and is subject to availability by outside suppliers.
A security code is required to prevent non-resident usage. The service is available in all bedrooms. This a shared service and should be used for occasional use only. When used for heavy downloads (Films and video) or when operating multiple connections on one PC or laptop it may restrict practical use by other users. We will disconnect offending users to allow all our guests reasonable usage. Note that this is only a partially protected service and that you are responsible for the security of your own IT equipment.


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