Safety and hygiene terms

We ask all guests follow instructions as imposed on us by current legislation.
All measures taken are discreet and have little impact on our usual service.



Restaurant booking requests

We ask that all reservations for a maximum of 6 guests are requested online so that we can draw guest’s attention to the steps we
have taken to provide a safe environment. We will confirm reservations within 24 hrs.
Guest's details as submitted online are kept safely,  as legally required, not used for other purposes and destroyed as soon as possible.



Please use the right (restaurant) entrance. Ring the bell and we will attend. Bathroom facilities are now located off the entrance hall.
Use the antiviral hand gel at the front door prior to entering. No face masks are required in the restaurant whilst eating, but we do ask
that you keep distance from staff and other guests as is reasonably possible. We will show you to your allocated table.


We have laid out the restaurant to allow for maximum distance between tables.
Tables are laid to facilitate distance between staff and guests. 
Tables are available for up to 6 guests.


Once seated we do ask that you order all drinks and food at the same time so as to reduce repeated table service.


All food and drink are placed on your table for you to take whilst serving staff  are at a distance.


We apply a maximum seating time of 2 hrs. So please do not be offended when we present your bill at 21.30 hrs. when we have enjoyed
your company for two hours. We are legally required to stop serving at 22.00 hrs.




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