Handyman or woman

We require a part time handy person to help maintain the Schoolhouse Restaurant and Hotel. This position requires some experience in a similar position or trade. 
The person must be able to work alone
in a variety of areas of the buildings and grounds. The person required must be fit
and able to do heavy manual work. 
We require someone who can concentrate on the job in hand, shows initiative, will ask when unsure and leaves the mobile at home.
Some tasks may include chemicals and potentially harmful machinery which requires care and concentration. Own transport is required and a non smoker is preferred as no smoking is allowed on our premises. 
We require proof of previous experience or ask applicants to work for one or more days (paid) to show abilities.

Gardening; operation of garden machinery
and day to day manual garden tasks.
Cleaning; keeping inside and outside areas clean and tidy.
Painting and decorating; renovation and decoration throughout the buildings.
Repair and making good; Assist with plumbing, carpentry, minor electrical work.
Refurbishment of bedrooms.


Depending on experience. We like to pay a fair hourly wage for a fair job.
Hours will vary but initially will be one day per week which may vary from week to week depending on how busy the hotel is.
How to apply
Initially send an email to
with your name, age, address, experience and any other information you feel is relevant.






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